Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I need to talk to you about a wonderful wonderful woman.  A woman blessed by God and who shares that blessing with everyone around her.  She is deeply loved by so many - me especially.

Let me tell you about Bea:

She has a story to share and she tells it on her blog.  A story of stumbling, faith and redemption.  A story of her love for Christ, her passion, her insatiable NEED to share what she knows to be true to the bottom of her soul.

I met Bea years ago quite by chance.  I had decided to start buying some stamps (didn't own any at the time) and had decided to try Stamping UP!  So I went on line, found her name as a Stamping Up rep near my home and called her.  I will never forget she was driving back from Louisiana from scrapping in a store that I now adore called Treasured Memories.  I gave her my number and she called me when she got in.

Well, not only did she become my friend and mentor (I have yet to see one scrap booker who can hold a candle to what Bea creates), she also introduced me to Christ.  It changed my life in small ways over time until this moment when I realize how big the changes really were.

She called me on the 1st of January (Saturday).  I have always told Bea that I think she has a direct line to God.... and she continues to validate that belief!!  She called to tell me that she had not been able to stop thinking about my son.  That she prays for him every single day and has a group in her church praying for him.  She asked me to allow her to pray for him with me on the phone.  Her prayers were emotional, emphatic, full of the faith and hope and the certainty in her heart and soul that God will not let any of his children go.  It made me cry.  She always does that with her prayers - they are the most passionate pleas I have ever heard.  God HAS to listen to her - she is just amazing.

Anyway, that very evening my son was offered a job (he had been looking for months).  And he is HAPPY and SOBER!  He has promised me and himself to turn his life around.  That he wants to live a more peaceful life.  I know that it wont be easy.  But it's the first time in so very long that he sincerely wants to change his life.

I have no doubt at all that Bea's pleas were heard and answered by God.  That she DOES have that direct line to Him!

I love you Bea.  Thank you!


  1. To God be the glory.... All the glory to Him and Him alone! God is good and His desire is to have a personal relationship with each one of us. The same Big God, Creator of the universe, the Heaven and the earth is the same God who loves each one of us and wants us to Himself!!!!!! How cool is that? I love you very much Elena. Can't wait to see you in two weeks!

  2. There are a lot of people praying for him. People who love both you and him very much. 2011 has gotten off on a good start and we'll continue to pray that he continues on this positive path :)