Sunday, January 30, 2011


This was the first time in the 18 years I have been practicing that I have found a seminar to be totally useless.  Lord it was awful!  On Saturday Jacquie and I were making roses (a la Tim Holtz) at the table during the seminar!! Yep, glue, scissors, everything!  It was Jacquie's idea and she punched tons of flowers the night before.  At first I was a little bit freaked by it but then I was so thankful she had thought of it!!

The best part about the entire weekend was the shopping (we hit Hobby Lobby and a really cute Scrapbook store in Orlando)!  We did some serious damage to our wallets but felt really good about it!

I have the ear infection from hell!  Haven't had one since I was a kid and it's just as awful as I remember it to be.  So... tomorrow it's off with the ear - or at least some antibiotics!

Getting ready for our retreat!! Woo HOO!!! Can't wait!  I love the idea of seeing "my girls"!!  Haven't seen them (except for Eileen) since last year.   Having Julie Nutting and Ingrid coming to teach workshops is just icing on the cake - but WOW what awesome icing!  There's a lot that goes into this retreat - so many things to do before then - but it's worth every single moment!

Just imagine 16 wonderful crazy ladies in a 5 day art overload!  It's so great! Can't wait!  This year we will have a few more ladies than last year and that will make the slumber party just a little more crowded but that much more fun!

Yep, 36 more sleeps!!!!  LOL!!

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