Sunday, January 23, 2011

Journal Page for Today

I went to the office to meet with a client and his mom today.  What an adventure this profession can be!


  1. OHG your journal page is hilarious. Yes, I read it. I am fascinated by your job. And you do it so well. GO Elena!

  2. Oh, I'm still laughing! Not so very different from the parents I'd meet when I was teaching. Their little perfect angels were NEVER in trouble at home, always followed directions and would die before they'd talk back to an adult. Hah!
    I didn't have the benefit of a videocam, but I always had amunition and they never left my classroom thinking they could get over on me again!
    Thanks for the chuckle, and by the way....creating something that is both beautiful and funny is not easy, and you have accomplished that so well!

  3. Oh, and I do know how to spell ammunition, LOL. That was a typo, not ignorance. ROFL!

  4. I could read stories like this all day! Thanks for sharing a little slice of your professional life with us. Most of us don't ever get to see what goes on behind the scenes, so this is a real treat!

  5. Elena- Love how you did this page. Especially the dolphin with her pink bow and skirt! It must be a good feeling to be able to get the words out about a day like that and be able to offload it to the next time this happens again. It is amazing how many people refuse to accept any responsibility for the place they find themselves in.
    Aloha, Kate

  6. You just look so cute in your pink bow!