Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today we celebrated my mother's 78th birthday.  Her birthday is actually on the 26th but we are going to Disney next weekend for Savannah's 2nd birthday so we celebrated today.

I think we were all thinking how close we came to losing her a few months ago and we are grateful God let us keep her.

Happy birthday Mom.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


I am excited about this project life.  I think it will be a very personalized way to scrap your days. As usual, I have purchased just about everything that goes with project life. And there is not one thing I regret buying. It's fun to sit there with just pictures and blank pages and not have to stress about embellishments or anything else although you can put them on too.  

To  me project life is not so much about the pretty things on the scrapbook page but about the pictures and the thoughts that go along with them. I have done several pages that I'm happy with. I need to go back and write.  

It is also good practice because I have decided that as of January 1 I will do the project life page for every week. Obviously things happen in your life even if it's just seeing a beautiful bird you photograph or an old lady dancing to the sound of her iPod,   Kittens in the street, the wonderful smell of fresh donuts- the smell is enough to take you back when you were a child.

Yea.....  I think I ,am going to love Project life

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


about how blessed I am to have so many wonderful friends in the United States and abroad.  I am honored to have these women as part of my life.  Strong artistic women who care.  

I just wanted to say how much you are loved and appreciated.  And I know you know who you are.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I hate it when I fall into these slumps.  Totally do not feel like doing anything creative.  It took me a month and a half to finish something that should've taken me two days.  Uggggh.  I just refuse to send out something I would not want to receive.

I have not worked in my personal journal and several months.  I think that is why my mind is so scrambled.  Journaling is my therapy.  I have to get into the habit again of journaling every day.  Because even on those days where nothing interesting happens, journaling can be a form of relaxation.

My BFF Jacquie and I are doing project life.  We both really enjoy it but have to struggle for the time to do it.  I have some new ideas on how to do it that I am looking forward to trying.  

Received new art supplies these past two weeks which I will share at some point.  I have several of Kathy Orta tutorials that I want to do.  Her projects are absolutely fabulous.   If you live under a rock and don't know Kathy, go to  All of her projects are really great.  Some of the supplies that I have received our specifically to do her projects.   I sat down in my studio on Saturday, determined to at least start one of the projects I want to do.  When into the studio, looked at all the pretty supplies, glanced around, and closed the door.  I went into my room and watch back to back lifetime movies.  A very chick thing to do.  , And had lots and lots of popcorn.  They say this is a symptom of early senility.  I am not quite sure. LOL!

Before starting any project, I need to unwind.  I am really happy at the new law firm I truly believe I made the right decision.  Jessica and Bernadette are great to work with.  They are both fabulous lawyers.  We work hard, but we always have fun.  The interaction of ideas is what I missed most when I worked alone.  BUT (and you know there was a butt coming) I am not thrilled with the lack of personal downtime.  I do understand that as part of the three partner firm, you cannot be less than a third of that firm.  My partners will tell you that I carry my load plus a lot more. I guess I just need some me time.  And frankly, that does not look good right now.  Not only do I have a much bigger responsibility in this firm,  I have an incredible amount of work.  Thank God I enjoy it.  On top of that, I want to study for the certification examination that is in February.  I want to become certified in family and marital law. Is it necessary? No.   Doesn't really make any difference at the end of the day? No.   So why do it huh?  Well, why not.  I have no place higher to go. I have no other accomplishments that I need to reach.  Very few lawyers are certified in their field to practice and I like the idea of being one of the few like the Marines. Either that or like my friends tell me I am after all a masochist.

We are also starting to plan our Keys 4 Art retreat in March 2014.  I can hardly believe it is only five months away!   Every year seems to go by faster and faster.  A little scary when you're 52 years old!  For this retreat, the wonderful DJ Pettit Will be teaching a three day class on her wonderful journals.  DJ is a beautiful soul and a fantastic artist and I know my friends will love her.  We have always been so blessed to have such wonderful artists join us at our retreat!  This event is the one thing I look forward to the most every year.  Each and everyone of the artists who attend are my friends.  I love these women dearly, and I know they look forward to this as much as I do.

If anybody bumps into my muse, please send her home!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The days are slipping by

Haven't had a chance to come back and blog since my trip to Cuba. Lots of good things happening but very short on time. Last night I saw the movie The Butler. It was an amazing amazing movie. It makes you sad, disgusted, angry, and a million other emotions all at one time.<br />

<br />

What a shameful chapter in our country's history.  And when we look at it we have to realize that this happened in our lifetime!  Or at least in mine.  This is not something that happened 200 years ago. I was repulsed at what I saw and totally blown away by the fact that this actually happened in the United States.  I don't believe anyone can look at that movie and not have the same feelings that I did.  It makes me wonder why it is that we've always gone to the rescue of every other country in the world, fought against every injustice in those other countries, and treated our own citizens like animals.  <br />
<br />

If you haven't seen that movie, do yourself a huge favor and watch it. Not only is it an exceptional movie, but it is one that will make you FEEL.