Friday, February 17, 2012

Leaving tomorrow at 10:00 am!!!

Did this layout for my Moving Ahead Journal:


I am OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Haven't seen my family in six years!!! Charlie is going with me. He was born here and has never been to Cuba. I have warned him that Cuba is not a vacation - it's an "experience"!!!

See you when I get back!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Waiting (quite impatiently) for my Visa to Cuba, I did this layout inspired by Effy Wilde.


I has tickets to go to Cuba on the 15th! I am going to visit my family and to host my god daughters sweets 15s. The morning of the 15th I find out that my Visa (allowing me to enter Cuba) had not come in!!! So here I sit waiting for the Visa. It is EXASPERATING!!! I told my friends today that it feels like giving birth - just waiting and waiting - centimeter by centimeter!!!

Oh well, the party is not until the 24th so hopefully I will make it!!! I will be soooooooo incredibly upset if I don't!


Received an absolutely gorgeous postcard from Teri today (from Belgium) but left it at the office!! Will try to post it tomorrow. This is my postcard to her from France!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moving Ahead Journal - New Layout

I am reading Life is a Verb. The book is written by a woman whose stepfather lived for only 37 days after being diagnosed with cancer. Part of me relates to this book because of my own father's death. I am doing The Book of Days with Effy Wild and she is the one that recommended the book. It really makes you think.

This is one of the layouts for Book of Days: If I had 37 days to live I would..... Wow!! Can you imagine? What would YOU do?

Then you lower the tag and I have written things I would do if I had 37 days to live. I wonder if these things would be different if I really was facing this time limit on my life?

If you have not met Effy; if you have not gotten involved in The Book of Days, please go check her out. She is marvelous and so very inspiring!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hey guys!

Haven't posted for a while. I have actually had to concentrate on work - much to my dismay. I absolutely hate it when life gets in the way!

I have so many things going on! I am going to Cuba on the 15th of February to visit my family. I am very excited. I haven't been there in 7 years and am going to host my god-daughter's 15s. I will be there for 11 days.

And then, of course, their's our Keys 4 Art event in March! Can't wait! The wonderful Lynne Perella will be teaching a two-day workshop and the fabulous Ms. Kathy Orta who will be an attendee at the retreat this year is creating a super special project just for us! It will be fantastic! I can't wait to see my buddies. I love all these ladies and they mean so very much to me.

Art? Some. Not too much.

As you know, Teri and I are collaborating on a 52 week postcard project. Teri sent me a postcard from Brazil

(she DREW this!!! Isn't it lovely!?)

and I in turn sent her this one from China!

They are fun to do and I scored some great stamps on Ebay some of which were from - you guessed it - China! So that was fun.

This week my wonderful friend "Darcy" is traveling through France!

I have also added a few pages to my Moving Ahead Journal:

I have a trial on Friday - can't wait for this case to be over. These two people should NEVER have gotten married and should NEVER have procreated!!! But there you have it. They did. And now both attorneys, the judge, EVERYONE is dying for this trial to be over. Although unfortunately I would bet money it will never really be "over".

So at least until the weekend I probably will not do anything fun. Oh well, can't have it all can we?

Before I forget - I came across this wonderful person and have to share her site with you. She has a free set of videos for her concept of FEARLESS PAINTING (as you know my word for the year is "fearless" so it grabbed my attention). I wasn't sure I would like it and almost skipped right over it (after I joined the 21 Secrets Class) but am so glad I took the time to see the videos. Don't miss out on it!! It's really great!

Have a good one my sweeties!