Monday, November 28, 2011


As always, we spent Thanksgiving at my brother's Julio's house. I love Thanksgiving for the one reason that we are all together. This year was a little tough emotionally though.

My father, as you all know, left his entire family in Cuba to bring us here in 1966. For the first time we have a ton of my dad's family here (they have all recently come from Cuba) and he is not here to see it. His whole life he wanted so badly to have his family here with him. And now that they are here - he's not. Well, I am sure that God has a reason for why He does what He does.

My brother Julio had this beautiful urn made for my dad's ashes. I am sure my dad was smiling down on us this day. I miss you papi - you have no idea how much.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Walls Project

As I had told you guys before, we just started a new project using a book called the Walls Notebook. It is exactly that, a soft cover book with nothing but pictures of walls. The idea is to do graffiti art on these "walls" as you would on the street! Fun, easy and quick! These are two pages I made in my own book before sending it off.

This journal will be challenging since none of us are graffiti artists and this is so different from anything we do!!! So we are now a "gang" doing graffiti on walls!!! Woo HOO!!! Gotta love where middle age takes you!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Asian Journal

We just started our most recent round robin journal called A Little Bit of Asia. I made these pages for Carla and Daisy. They are now on their way to Lee in Australia!

This is the double page spread I made for Daisy. I really love this Asian image and hope she does too!

I had to scan Carla's pages separately: Page 1...

and Page 2

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


How adorable is this????

Tim Holtz has a tutorial on his blog on how to make these!! I plan to spend the day tomorrow making some of these cute turkeys to take to my brother's house!


So.... I'm pretty much caught up!!! Tomorrow I will post some artwork I've been doing - yes, I have actually been doing some! Some great projects to share with you!

Have a great evening ladies!!


I know these pictures are totally out of order but so many things have happened the past few weeks that I have not been able to keep up!!!!

As always I went to my brother Julio's house to trick or treat with my nieces and my grand daughters... I can't believe how big everyone is getting!!!

Maddie, Jacquie, Katilynn, Bella and Lauren

Both Kaitlynn and Maddie were "rock stars". Too cute!

Leonor and Maddie had fun with their sexy lips!

Savannah left the hospital that evening and of course Kristina couldn't stand to miss a Halloween with her girls and came to Julio's house from the hospital!!! And she was only two days old!


Bernie and I went on a 4 day cruise this past weekend to Nassau for our 16th wedding anniversary. It amazes me every time we reach another year together!! LOL!

We went to Atlantis for our honeymoon and went back a few years ago. This time we went it was so different. The water park is great and the resoert is just amazing!

Yeah, there are still days I like him.


My daughter Leonor turned 21!!! She was so excited about it!! Little does she know that from 21 to 51 it's a blink of an eye!!!


Got tired of seeing orange!!! Hello to a whole new world!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Friday is my 16th wedding anniversary. My husband just told me we are going on a 4 day cruise on Friday to the Bahamas!! Woo HOO!!! I love cruises and it comes just in time to save my sanity!! (Again!)

Yep, there are some days I actually like him.


Sorry I haven't been around but it's been crazy!!!

I have pictures and stories to share but no time right now! I have received a few emails regarding the envelope mini album by Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon. I did the little video on it HERE

Here's the link to her YouTube video tutorial. There are several parts to this video. This is part one.