Saturday, August 29, 2015


Another Ali Edwards story kit.  I will be starting this one tomorrow.  This prompt really inspires me for many reasons.   I have never felt I really had any "roots".  I always wanted to live in one house for my entire life - raise my children and grandchildren within the same walls.  But that was never the case.  We as children were never brought up in the same house; never lived for more than a few years in one place.

As an adult I was married very young and divorced.  Something I never wanted.  I wanted to marry and stay married my whole life to the same person.  To raise our chilren, our grandchildren together.  To get old together.... Unfortunately that just didn't happen.

I love my family - always have.  I was raised with my mother's family and never met my father's family until 1998.  Never had the "roots" I've always wanted.  Didn't really know anything about that side of my family for many many years.  Having met them, I see so much of me in them.  So much of them in me and in my siblings, my neices and nephews.  The connection is undeniable.  The "roots" identifiable.

And with my own family - my children and grandchildren - I have started to plant roots of my own.

This will definitely be an interesting prompt/project for me.


I have watched this movie at least a dozen times.  No matter how many times I see it, it makes me cry.  Can there be a love like that?  Can there be a love that consumes you and takes you to a place of wholeness?  That completes you so totally?  This movie always gets to me.

Monday, August 24, 2015


As a very wise woman just reminded me.... there are many firsts in my second marriage.  Our first grandchild;  my first time being a mother to children who were not mine; the first time a man ever truly loved me unconditionally and respected me.

Thank you my sweet Jac for reminding me of what is important.


As my friends know, I love Ali Edwards.  I love the simplicity and the depth in her work.  It's not just about pictures or pretty embellishments - it's about words and feelings and well..... the Story.

This new series - well it's not really NEW - is fabulous.  If you subscribe to the kit and the stamps (which I do) you get these wonderful things to work with.  But again, it's really not about that - it's about the words.

The first one I am doing (I have all of them and am only starting them now) is FIRSTS.  Firsts in our lives are always so meaningful.  One way or another.  I love this prompt but have mixed feelings about the stories.

Most of my "firsts" were with the Father of my children.  My first marriage, my first home away from my parents, my first child, my first car....... so many firsts!  But the fact that he is no longer my husband does not change the fact that so many firsts were with him.  I know this is something that my husband would not like to read but it's real and it's true and it's what it is.

I was married at 18.  He was my first crush at 8 years old.  My first kiss at 10.  My first lover when we got married.  My first child.  He taught me how to drive my first car.  My first law office.  He was also the first thing I had ever given up on.  My first failure.  My first time feeling so raw and so unwanted.

I have such a hard time thinking of any "firsts" after my marriage broke up.  At least firsts that were so meaningful.

I will keep thinking.......

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I have always taken my blog seriously as a way to document my life and to, well, vent!  For some reason I have drifted away from blogging.  I am back and hopefully will stay!

The Keys 4 Art Retreat was in March and was spectacular.  We had a lot more down time and really did much less art than usual but it was fun.

Keys 4 Art 2016 is already on a roll!  We have already rented a house and this time in Asheville, North Carolina!  We have been in the Keys for 6 years and all wanted a change.  Besides, I think part of it is to get me away from my home and office so I can stay more focused on the retreat and I love my crew for that.

The law firm has undergone some serious changes and is facing some serious challenges.  We are now down to two partners, Bernadette and I, and have so me financial challenges as a result of the breakdown of the original firm, but we are up to the challenge and working on building up a new and "improved" firm!

Most important of ALL, my son Charlie is CLEAN!  He has been clean for months now and working his way up to a new life for himself.  I feel like a million pounds have been raised off my heart and my life and am so grateful to God for his mercy.

My law partner, Bernadette, gifted me a trip to Italy!  It has always been the one and only trip on my bucket list and she knew that.  Her kindness and generosity is totally overwhelming.  I am going on September 7!  I got from Miami to Venice for 4 days, then to Rome for 4 days, then on an 8 day cruise to France, Livorno and Spain.  I am so excited it's all I think about!

I have been getting ready for weeks.

     New suitcases (check)
     New clothes (check)
     Journal (check)
     Scrapbook  (check)
     Art supplies (check)

(See a pattern here? LOL.)

So I will be posting along the trip and sharing what I know will be a wonderful experience.