Monday, January 27, 2014


Okay, so my word for this year is PURPOSE. As part of that goal, as part of my purpose, I want to become healthier and more fit. I am eating better and I have joined Yoga. I always thought yoga was for wimps. Well, the universe has proven me wrong!

I started with "gentle" yoga for the first couple of classes. It was sort of challenging but I could handle it. This, I have come to realize, is the way they set you up with a false sense of security. They build you up only to bring you to your knees when you realize how old and out of shape you are. It's really quite cruel.

Today we did what I was told was a more challenging class. "I can do it" I tell myself….. "I was a dancer for years" I tell myself. What I DIDN'T stop to tell myself is that I have not done ANYTHING more physical than lifting a pen in the past 23 years!!!! Todays' ASHTANGA class just totally KICKED MY ASS!!! Was I the one that said that Yoga is for wimps????? Why even a dog can do it!!!


I saw this and just loved it. Having three grand daughters, I thought it would be awesome for my son-in-law!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I had never heard of this Ali Edwards project before and apparently it has been going on for several years. This year I have joined in and my word is PURPOSE. I am not sure if it's MY age or just where I am in my life right now but I want to live with more purpose. I don't want to just get through the days and weeks and months. I want there to be a reason - a purpose - in most things that I do. It's not like you have all that much "good" time left! I want my direction to be TOWARD something - not just wayward. Make sense? Well, it does to me!!! LOL!!! I have all my "stuff" assembled (heaven knows I did not need to buy any more "stuff" but of course I did!! It's like going to a wedding - you may have 10 appropriate dresses but you want a NEW one!) and I am ready to go. Even did some research on the meaning of living life on purpose - living a purposeful life.... you get my drift. I am hoping to get to it this week. Especially since it is only one challenge a month and this month is almost over! It took me forever to decide what word I want to use. Declutter? Good word for me - but realistically not going to happen. Enough? Also a good word - SO not going to happen. By a series of elimination more than anything else - but figuring out what I want to accomplish this year is how I got to my word. For example, I want to learn to draw this year (as I have stated for the past few years!!!). If I pursue that with purpose maybe I will actually learn to draw this year. It will be fun to see how this all pans out. How if by saying it enough, defining it enough, repeating it enough, I can actually accomplish it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I know that we are spoiled here in South Florida with the weather but I wanted to show you to what extent!!! It was "cold" yesterday - I think it was 55. Of course since I am in menopause I was in heaven!!!

Then I get these pictures from my daughter. These are my three grand daughters. I thought they had gone to Vail and hadn't told me anything!!!


Imagine if we lived up North!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Documented Life

This past week I joined a free Facebook group called A Documented Life at the suggestion of my friend, Eileen. It is a really great group and a really great project. When I saw the journal that they were making, I knew that it was perfect for Project Life. And I mean perfect!

The project uses any Journal you want, but the recommended Journal and the one that I used is a Moleskine soft cover weekly calendar for 2014. Once again, I realize how obsessive I am about things!!! The very next day after learning of the project I went into Miami to find planner. I could only find hardcover planners and the project requires a softcover planner. So I ordered two of them online. I ordered two because I am making one for myself and one for a friend with whom I do project life pages. When I ordered the journals online, they gave a delivery date of January 7 to January 14!! Now, anyone who knows me absolutely knows that I was not going to wait one week to start this project. So I called around stores in Miami, since we have no stores in Key Largo, and found out that the moleskin softcover planners are sold at Staples office supplies.

So of course I drove to Hialeah, an hour and a half away, to Staples and purchased two planners! I got both journals done last night. And what did I get in the mail today? The two journals I had order online! LOL! Oh well, I wasn't about to wait a week!

I started taking pictures of the journal and quickly realized that a picture would just not show why this journal is perfect for project life. So I prepared a short video to give you a better idea. I am not a videographer and this video basically sucks, but you will be able to get the idea.