Friday, December 31, 2010

More Christmas Pictures

Posted by PicasaI have tons of Xmas pictures
and tons of ways of scrapping
them!  These pages and all the other xmas pages I have posted are done from scratch!!  I thought I would never be able to do these pages without templates but I find that not using templates is quite liberating!   I am excited at the idea of getting caught up on my scrapbooking!  I have literally hundreds and hundreds of pictures in my computer that I would like to scrap and I feel so good about it right now!  LOL!!!  Not only is there no mess at all (heaven knows what I will do with the two millions sheets of scrap paper I have!) but there is an ENDLESS supply of EVERYTHING in every color, every width... can you imagine the possibilities?  Your letters in every size, shape and color?  Virtual heaven!!!  So bear with me because there will be a lot of pages coming up!!!

I really have to get AWAY from the computer and do Lee's pages for her Marie Journal!!!   The I Dream in Colors journals will be home to everyone soon.  I have mine (my colors were white with a little bit of gold) and it is absolutely AMAZING.   I can't even tell you how gorgeous it is.  I will do a slideshow when I can and post it.

My Dreams Journal is back too!!!  Again, amazing work from these amazing ladies!

So the one I have out there is Marie (Marie Antoinette of course).  We are also shipping a new journal out on February 14th that promises to be the best one yet!!!  Stay tuned for more info!!!


When you get a few minutes, pop over to Ro's blog and read her two part post on getting brave.  She recounts her personal struggles over the past five years and how she not only got through it all, but came out the other side much stronger for it. I really found it to be inspiring and a great read today especially when we are putting 2010 in our memory boxes and welcoming in 2011.

2010 was a cataclysmic year for me and my family.  Of course my father died on December 28th, 2009 but I consider it a 2010 "event".   My father in law died on November 6, 2010, my sister in law Lisa's mom died in March.  Those losses have totally changed our lives. 

But my grand daughter Maddie was born this year on May 4th.  She is a wonderful baby and absolutely a blessing.  My niece Melissa started law school and I am so proud of her I could burst!  My daughter and her husband survived a rocky time in their marriage...  these things have just as much value as the losses we've experienced.

Financially it's been a tough year.  One of the toughest I have lived through in many many years.  But we are still here.  We still have our office, our home, our vehicles, our motorhome....  we still have out STUFF.  I guess that in and of itself says something.  

But the greatest thing that happened this year is the confirmation of what I have always believed...  the STUFF does not really matter.  Yes, it's great to have!  It's wonderful to be able to go online or go to a store and buy everything you want.  It's what I'm used to!  But you know what?  I could not do it this year and it's OK!!  I didn't shrivel up and die, I didn't lose any friends over it (yes, believe it or not that happens!), I didn't have to make any life altering changes in my life (although I will admit that I missed not receiving boxes of goodies every darn day!).  At the end of the day I realized that as long as I have a little space of my own to breath in (that would be my studio) and nobody in a hospital or morgue... then everything else is good.

I am also looking forward to our Keys 4 Art retreat in March!  Julie Nutting and Ingrid Dijkers will be teaching workshops which I am very excited about.  But the most exciting thing is that I will see "my girls"!!!  We had a wonderful retreat last year and this year promises to be even better (albeit much more hectic!!!).  

I am also booked and paid up on Tim's September cruise for 2011.  

So.... goodbye 2010 and HELLO 2011!!  I hope that 2011 brings you all health and happiness but mostly peace.  It's been a turbulent 2010... many of us have undergone extreme changes... some for the good... some, well, not so much.  But the one things I wish for you is PEACE.  Peace in your soul, peace in your life and peace with yourself - with whatever decisions and consequences you face along the way.

My word of intent for 2011 is BREATHE. That pretty much sums up everything I feel for the coming year.  I just want to breathe.  To breathe through the good and the bad that comes with this new year... to breathe when it feels like there is no oxygen left in my life.    Just breathe.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Key Largo

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Today's digi pages

These pictures were taken at the Japan Inn on our birthday (Kristina and I share the same birthday). This is one of Kristina's favorite restaurants and although I am not crazy about the food, the show is really great and Kaitlynn loves it. My aunt came from Cuba a few months ago and I'm not sure whether she was blown away more by the show or the amount of food! Either way it was fun to see her expression when they cooked the food.

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The girls were both Belle this year. They looked so damned cute in their costumes. Yep, I'm loving this whole digi thing!

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Loving this baby

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I made a promise to myself to try to do one digi page per day as of January 1.  Well, I did two today and although it took me awhile to learn all the new techniques, I am glad I took the time to do them.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


of my dad's death.  We will have a mass for him tonight.  I have tried very hard not to be sad, but instead grateful to have had such an unbelievable father.

One of my cousins sent me this video today. It made me cry... but that's okay... it is cathartic.  Aimara is not actually my cousin - her mother is. She is a beautiful young woman, just a baby really, and expecting her own first child any day now.  She is beautiful both inside and out.  She works for hospice and when my dad was dying she would come to the house every single day to care for him, sometimes after having worked all night.  I know my dad knew she was there and my brothers and I will be eternally grateful to her.

The song is so beautiful.  Roughly translated, it says.. I see you in every step I take, in my own expressions... in every part of my life.

I really wish everyone who listens to this could understand the words... it is just beautiful.  Thank you Aimara.  I love you honey.

Page Two

I really don't like one page layouts so I did this page to go with the one I did last night.  One page layouts seem so incomplete to me!!!  Yes, I am digi scrapping today.  Hoping to get a few more christmas pages done.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Digital xmas!!!

I love these pictures of the girls.  I was amazed at how easily I put this page together!  It's not very fancy, but it is so much fun!  I guess these classes are actually teaching me something!!  LOL!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful xmas!  I spent Christmas with my family.  It was bittersweet after such great losses this year, but it was also Maddie's first christmas and for that I am grateful.

I am so looking forward to 2011... so glad to leave 2010 behind us!  I wish you all a wonderful holiday and hope you have some time off before starting the brand new year!

Was Santa good to you guys?????  He was to me!!  LOL!!! Got lots and lots of art supplies which I plan to play with this whole week that I am off from work!

I put together my first slideshow and have posted it above.  Stop by and say hi and let's bring in 2011 together!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


we brought my dad home from the hospital to die.  I went back to read the posts and all the wonderful messages I received during this time last year and once again feel humbled by so many wonderful friends.

I miss my dad.  I miss him so damned much.  Today is one of those days I'd like to crawl into a corner and just cry from the frustration and impotence I STILL feel over losing him.

Every day I want to pick up a phone and call him.  Tell him about some crazy client, chit chat about this or that.  And I can't.  I have never heard his voice again and I miss that.  Doesn't that sound crazy?

His wife has tons and tons of videos at her house.  I still have not been able to see one.  Soon.  I will.  I really really just want to hear him say "que paso mija"?  Three little words out of the mouth of a man who has left such a huge whole in my heart.

I love you dad.  I love you so much.  You have no idea how much you are missed.


I told you all how my friends made me a GORGEOUS book for my birthday.  Eileen posted the album so you all could see it.

HERE it is!!!   Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As a divorce attorney, I am never at a loss for idiots.  Never.  The things people do to each other and, in the process, to their children, is mind boggling.

For the past two days, while I have been trying to enjoy some well deserved time off, I have received numerous emails from an attorney who has advised me that he is taking my client back to court because when my client calls the Mother of his children at 7:00 pm every night as per a court order, he is using his girlfriend's phone to call.  I kid you not.  We are talking about two lawyers who charge $300 per hour arguing over not WHETHER the father is complying with a court order, which he IS, but that he is calling from a phone number that his wife refuses to answer - even to speak to her kids.

Worse yet you have an attorney who actually will take the time to write me numerous emails about this "problem" and threaten me with going to court!!  Really?  Excuse me but last time I looked that is what I do for a living!   Are you not embarrassed to even write these emails?  And threatening me?  Really?  Obviously you have not worked with me before!

Now, I understand that there is anger, jealousy, bitterness.... I get it... really I do!  I am not totally unsympathetic with this woman but are you KIDDING ME??????   Your children are with their father for 10 days (granted, only after numerous motions and an emergency court hearing because the Mother refuses to let the children see their father) and you want to speak with them every day.  I get that.  That's cool.  But you wont answer the phone unless the Father calls from a specific phone number???  Seriously???? So do you want to speak with your children every day or do you just want to control your husband who left you over a year ago for someone else?   This woman (and her lawyer) need to get a frickin life!   UGGHHH!!!

There are days and then there are days!

Monday, December 20, 2010


I got a birthday box from Mario today for my birthday!!  Thanks to my sweet friend, I now have every single alterations die and embossing folder!!

They also sent me one of the tags that Tim did this year!!!  Woo HOO!!   Love you guys!!  Thank you!!


Friday I spent the entire day at my friend Jacquie's house.  We spent the day making charms and chatting... she made dinner for my husband and I that night and we had a wonderful time.  She also presented me with a gift made by "my girls" - the ladies in my journal groups.  It turns out that they had all made a page for me and had sent them all to Eileen so that she could bind them.  The album she made is just amazing the pages these ladies made for me made my cry with their beauty and their sentiment.

Saturday was spent with my grand daughters.  I had Maddie since early in the morning because Kristina and Kaitlynn had to go to the dress rehearsal for Kaitlynn's ballet recital that evening.  Seeing that baby on stage, so beautiful and so confident made me cry.

Yesterday my husband gave me a wonderful surprise party at the Marlin (a local restaurant we frequent daily).  My neices and nephews, my brothers, my children, my friends... everyone was there and I had such a wonderful time! My daughter and my youngest niece, Jackie, share the same birthday so we made sure that all three birthdays were celebrated!!  My niece was so excited that she was having a "surprise" party!! She will be 6 years old tomorrow!

We had live music and tons and tons of food and beverages and it was just great!  My brother Albert and I went back in time and danced disco to the Bee Gees!!!  Let me tell you.... it was much easier in the 70s!!!  We both felt we were going to die after ONE dance!!!!  LOL!!!

Tomorrow is my actual birthday and I am driving to Miami to spend the day with Kristina and to go see Jackie.  I plan to take my daughter for a little pampering - manicure, pedicure, clothes shopping... she is so wonderful... she really deserves a little time for herself.

Thank you for your wonderful cards, emails and thoughts!!


The previous post was from my good friend Lee in Australia where it is now December 21st!!! Thank you my friend!! I love you!!!


click to enlarge


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


One of my clients committed suicide on Monday.  He was in Cuba visiting his mother and hung himself in her home.  It's very sad.  He couldn't ever seem to find his place in the world. A very unhealthy relationship that produced a daughter he was kept from constantly; the desperation of not having anyone in this country - all his family is in Cuba.  

He was unhappy while he was here - he wanted to be in Cuba with his family - and his desperation just grew while he was there because the distance from Miami just made it all seem worse (not only was his child gone but he couldn't find a job, was losing his home to foreclosure) - it just became too much.  At first it just made me angry - such a cowardly thing to do!  Hanging yourself in a closet while your mother is in the next room!!  But then I just felt so much sadness for him!

He was very affectionate, very needy for love and attention.  But he always managed to turn to people who used him and then discarded him like trash on the side of the road.  He was unable to keep a job because there were days when all he could do was get out of bed.  And there was nobody there to hold his hand - to let him know that although things seemed hopeless, they really weren't!!  That when you feel like you are drowning you just have to BREATH - take life a day at a time - an hour at a time.

I am not saying it is not hard to lose your house.  It has to be.  But it's just a HOUSE - cement and mortar- just a place for you to live.  Your HOME is what you take with you ANY WHERE you live!  Does that makes sense to anyone?  I would not be happy if I lost my house but I could rent an apartment and make it my HOME.  We could go through a hurricane and lose all the material things we give so much damned importance to!  They are just stuff.

There are so many people losing their homes right now.  Losing their jobs.  Unable to make ends meet.... It's a difficult time for this country.  But THINGS are just that!!  THINGS!!!   A house does not make you who you are!!!  It does not HOLD you!  Yes, it's sad - it is!!  But the WORST case scenario is that you rent an apartment - a hole in the wall even - and if you have your head and your heart in the right place that hole in the wall can become your HOME.  

In my heart, a home is anywhere that I can sit with my children and have a hot chocolate; where my grand daughters can play with their legos; where my memories are created.

It's' a sad day when someone feels so lost that they hang themselves in a closet.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I love Monica Zuniga.  I have taken tons of classes with her and really enjoy her style and technique.

She has a new class coming up:

Monica has a very friendly and easy-going style to her teaching and her techniques are simplistic and effective.

Drop by her site and take a look around.  He classes are all ongoing and you will be amazed at what you can do!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Okay, here is tag 11

But that is NOT the amazing thing today .. okay, well not the ONLY amazing thing today!  This is the LINK for today's tag.
He goes through a stamp making technique using his dies and fun foam that seems to be quite simple and a hell of a lot of fun.  I especially love the idea of making stamps with his townscape die which I love.

But go ahead..... go look.... you know you wanna!!

No where is that fun foam..........

Friday, December 10, 2010


I am so glad I have all these dies even though I don't use holiday die cuts.   How cute is this snowman!?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

TAGS 8 and 9

These are tags 8 and 9:

I so love the 9th tag!! And no, I still have not done any!  The rosette that he uses in the 9th tag is from his die and I have to tell you those things are ADDICTIVE!!!  We sat there one day and made TONS of them just to have them ready to use!

So is everyone ready for Xmas?  I am not really in a festive mood.  This is the first year that we wont have my father OR my father in law for xmas but I keep looking at the beautiful faces of my nieces, my grand nephew and my grand daughters and know that Xmas has to happen for them.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have always been fervently anti-politics.  The hypocritical life they live, the scandals, the lack of ethics... a virtual laundry list of why I don't care for politics or politicians.

I am sure there are "good" ones out there... they just seem to get drowned out by the noise created by the "bad" ones.

But the death of Elizabeth Edwards today... that was something else.  Granted, she was not the politician - her husband, John Edwards was (or is I presume).  Her death touched me not because I knew her or even much about her - but because in the little I did know, I saw an unfailing class and equanimity in the face of so much scandal;  I saw so much strength and integrity in response to so much embarrassment, that I find her death at only 61 to be quite sad.

As a woman, a mother and a public figure she showed an unbelievable strength of character.  Despite her Husband's very public affair and fathering of a child, her focus was never on HERSELF; on how it made HER look.  Her focus was always on her family - the impact this would have on her children, her home.

I found her ability to actually forgive and empathize with her husband - to refuse to badmouth him or his lover despite being goaded at every turn - quite remarkable.

As a woman, I admire her strength and I feel that women like Elizabeth Edwards deserve to be recognized by women in general as one very classy lady.

As for John Edwards?  Well, he will just have to live with himself wont he?

May she rest in peace.


A few little things to make you smile!


Can't wait to play with it!!!  Maybe I will do some of those tags this weekend......

TAG 7!!!???? What happened to 2-6!

Obviously I have not been with the program - no idea where the last week went to.  I take a minute to look at Tim's blog and find out he is on tag 7!!!!  Have I done ONE?  No! Of course not!  And I had promised myself to do all of them this year!!  Maybe I still will. I am hoping to close my office for 10 days this holiday season!

Anyway, here they are!  They are FABULOUS!! Especially today's!