Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We are 10 with Jen!!

I am a poet!!!

Got confirmation by our sweet friend Jennifer Rogers-Daniels that she will be joining us in March at the Keys 4 Art Retreat in Key Largo!!!!!

Jen has been with us since the beginning and I know you are all as happy as I am that she will be joining us for our 4th year!!!

I getting so excited about this next retreat!!!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Back from Cuba

Got back on Thanksgiving Day in time to spend the holiday with my family. This time I went for 3 weeks, the longest I have ever gone and I really did not want to come back.

I come home to find my son in jail on a violation of probation with no bond. The same lover... The addiction he cant seem to be able to control any longer. He has never spent time in jail.

I thank God he is there. Id rather visit him in jail than in a cemetery. I put him in Gods hands a long time ago.

But oh my Lord what it does to your soul to see your child in handcuffs.

I have absolute love for and faith in my God. But seeing my son like that I would make a deal with the devil to trade places with him.

All I can do is be there for him with a love that is intense and unconditional.

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