Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wednesday - Day Nine - 9/16/2015

Left Rome today on the Norwegian Epic.  This ship is HUGE!  3500 people plus 1800 staff.  Very clean, very well fun, very impressive.  We arrived at the ship early - around 12:00 and left at 7:30 for Livorna, Italy.  Livorna is in Tuscany and we are scheduled to do a tour of Florence and Pisa.

We had dinner tonight at something called Cirque and Dinner.  It was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately they did not allow any pictures but what a spectacular show!  Some of these girls absolutely have to be made of rubber in order to do what they do.  There were contortionists, high wire walkers, balancing acts and of course the trapeze.  The ring leaders was absolutely hilarious.  I really enjoyed the dinner tremendously.

I will admit that I would enjoy these cruises much more if they were not on the water.  The ocean and I have aa love/hate relationship.  I get sea sick just LOOKING at water so I walk around as if I have a stiff neck - not looking out any window.  It's really funny but even when I have to speak to someone I have to turn them around if their back is to the water!  Ugg.

As soon as I get into my room - mind you it has a balcony or I would shoot myself from the claustrophobia - I pop a sleeping pill so I don't realize the darn thing moves at all (it probably doesn't but the mind is an EVIL, evil thing).

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