Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday 9/24/2015

Just met with hospice.  It's now official.  My mother is dying.  I sit here by her bedside listening to her struggle to breath.  So much pain.  The morphine knocked her out.  I may not be able to speak to her again.  It's surreal.

She has been sick so many times.  We have been told so many time she would not make it.  Yet this is still a shock.  In two months she went from just being old and frail to stage 4 liver and lung cancer.  This morning she was crying from the pain and asked me when she was going to get better - it broke my heart.  She has no idea that she wont.  That she is dying.

She will be going home with hospice today for the last part of her journey here on earth.  I have to believe - I DO believe - that she will be reunited with my grandmother, my father and my uncle... People she loved and who loved her.  I have to believe that I will see her again or this would be totally unbearable.

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  1. Such a hard time in your life but know that you are in the hearts and minds of many people, even if you don't know us personally.