Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day Six - Rome

As I said yesterday, after the soft beauty of Venice, Rome seemed harsh and dirty upon arriving.  Today?  Not so much.

Rome really does have a magic of its own.  Where Venice is soft and romantic, Rome is rich and historical.  Where Venice is like a southern belle, soft spoken and delicate, Rome is like a New Yorker - loud and in your face!  (Sorry my New York friends, but you know it's true!).

We went for a long walk today.  I attended mass at Santa Maria Maggioli Basilica.  So beautiful.  Majestic is how to best describe it.  The omnipotence of God is present in every corner and in the faces of the Roman faithful.  It was a wonderfully spiritual experience.

After leaving the basilica we went to Plaza de la Republica.  An amazing fountain surrounded by shops with prices that would make your hair fall off.  Maybe I am just not "cool" but I have to tell you that I would not be caught dead wearing most of these things.  LOL!  It may be very "chic" and very "Italian" but very "strange" too!

I am hooked on a drink called "spritz" - pretty much a wine spritzer.   Not really sure what's in them.  Wine and apple something or other but they are quite good.

Met and had conversations with many people (I can get a rock to talk to me) and am still digesting much of what I have heard from the Romans.  Will share this with you when I get my thoughts in order.

While walking around, we realized that our hotel (Gran Hotel Palatino) is about two blocks away from the Colliseum.  Yes, THE Colliseum.  So cool.  So beautiful!  We will be taking a tour of the Colliseum tomorrow.   We will also be touring some other places I can not pronounce.  I have not posted any pictures on my blog because for some reason my phone (which by the way I totally shattered today when I dropped it) will not transfer pictures to the iPad.  No smart asses, it was not caused by it shattering today.  It has been that way since I got to Europe!

The Romans are passionate, intense people who have very high emotions about just about everything.   If you tied their hands to their bodies they would be mute!!!  Not much different than Cubans!  LOL!  We are getting along just fine!

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  1. I'm glad you are seeing a new side to Rome. Enjoy the piazzas, the rich history, the streets under the streets, the food, and yes - the fashion. Notice the special Italian policemen, the carabinieri -- they are kinda fancy and very proud of themselves and their appearance. Loving your daily updates!