Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day Five: Rome

Left the beautiful city of Venice this morning on a train for Rome.  Went to the wrong station!!  But no worries - I am always ridiculously early.  The train ride was long (over 3 hours) and not very comfortable but the view - at least most of it - was worth it.

After being in Venice, the first glimpse of Rome is not very impressive.  Dirty and busy - crowded with graffitti everywhere.  The weather is cool here also which is fantastic.

Staying at the Gran Hotel Palatino and the area is quite nice.  The hotel is fabulous.  We got here a little after 1:30 pm, slept until 5:30 and spent a few hours at an outside cafe just watching life go by.

New smells, new sounds, new feelings.  Totally different ambiance from Venice but not in a bad way. Tomorrow we start our tours and I can't wait to see what makes Rome "Rome".

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  1. Rome is huge. You will Iove some parts. Don't eat at the piazzas-food is overpriced. Best are cafes in side streets. Owners love to chat and will bring you their choicest morsels if they know you are appreciating!