Sunday, September 20, 2015

Friday - Day Eleven - 9/18/2015 - Cannes, France

We pulled into Port in Cannes early on Friday morning.  I had purchased an excursion for Monaco and MonteCarlo and was really looking forward to it but Bernie just couldn't do it with his back and although he told me to go without him, I chose to cancel it and instead just get off at Cannes and see what we saw.

So beautiful.  The first sight of Cannes is stunning.  I can see why everyone speaks of Cannes as if they were having a religious experience.  It is very very pretty.  I would say it looks a lot like South Beach but on the French Riviera!  Didn't really see too much in Cannes.   Just walked around the shops and took pictures.

Cannes is obviously a playground for the rich.  The beaufiul homes, the stunning hotels, the Ferraris and the Rolls Royce's sort of give you a clue that this is not Kansas, Toto.

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