Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day Three: Venice

Every day there seems to be something new to see in this wonderful City.  We slept in late today.  Stayed in bed until 2:00 pm!!!!  Our internal clocks are all screwy but it seems like this City doesn't even start to get sleepy until midnight.

Inquiring minds want to know:

1.  How do people in wheel chairs get around Venice?  I have yet to see one ramp.  There are numerous little bridges connecting the streets over the canals but no way for anyone in a wheelchair to navigate them.  I've only seen one wheelchair and it was nowhere near a bridge so I really don't know.

2.  I have seen only one cat in all of Venice.  Do they not have cats or do they use them to filli n their wonderful raviolis?

3.  So many beautiful dogs - all on leashes - all with their parents picking up after them on the street.  Don't they have any homeless doges here?

Tonight I had a fabulous drink called sgropino.  Oh my god!!!  This thing is amazing!  It's sparkling white wine, lemon ice cream and vodka.  It is probably the best thing I have ever drank.

People watching takes on a whole new dimension in a City like this.  The languages, the styles, the clothes, the shoes, the attitudes..... It's like the United Nations on St. Mark square.  I wish I could sketch.  I would be doing so much of it here.

Working on my journal - so many things to include and write about.  Tomorrow is our last full day in Venice. We are going to Rome on Saturday.  Tomorrow I will walk the sreets of Venice and breath it all in to keep in my heart until I come back.


  1. That is why you see so many people with those arm brace crutches. The stone pavement in Europe isn't wheelchair friendly. Loving your posts!

  2. When Venice was established, there was no ADA, the people that were handicapped were kept home and never were on the streets. I am sure that the cats are under the buildings, in the pillars, where the rats are!

  3. I'm loving your Venice narrative. Rome is a whole other story, big and bustling, but so full of history. Amazing.