Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday - Day Thirteen - Dock in Barcelona - 9/20/2015

This morning we were up early and docked at Barcelona.  We had a private driver waiting for us and he brought us to the Melia Serria Barcelona.  A fabulous hotel in a wonderful - though very quiet - area.  After taking a little nap - well, okay, four hours - we took a cab to the Ramblas at the Plaza Catalunya.  We have been to Barcelona before but this area is totally different than the one we went to in the past.

The crowds are the same - thousands of people from all over the world strolling up the Ramblas which is like a very long plaza (many many blocks) full of vendors and musicians.  Shops on both sides and of course the Spanish ice cream Bernie has been talking about for the past 12 years!

Found a Hard Rock Cafe which always make me happy.  Have cute pin for my journal!

Came back to the hotel early to catch up on my journal.  I am so behind!  I finished VENICE!  That's it.  Oh well, there is just too much to do and see!

I will admit that I am getting very homesick.  God help me I actually miss my children!

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