Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back to Tuesday - Day Eight - Rome 9/15/15

What an amazing day!  Went to the Vatican this morning.  The art and the architecutre was absolutely stunning.  But I have to say it was not the "moment" I expected.  I didn't FEEL it.  Make sense?  St.  Peter's Basilica is amazing.  Yet...... still..... however.... I "felt" more at the other basilicas I visted throughout Italy.  The Vatican seemed so "commercialized" to me.  I am a practicing Catholic, I expected a "deep experience" when visitng the Vatican but honestly?  Nada.  It is more like a museum, a tourist trap, then a holy place.  Very disappointing.  I know that it is sacriligious to even SAY this, but I felt more of a "religious experience" at Graceland.  Maybe it was because of all the shops inside of the Vatican with signs saying everything for sale was "blessed".  I don't know how to explain it but it just was not the experience I wanted or expected.

After visiting the Vatican I went on a tour called Piazzas and Fountains and that is exactly what it was. We went to some absolutely stunning plazas with amazing fountains.  We of course went to the Trevi fountain which unfortunately was under construction but still stunning.  To think that it was the back yard to a private home is shocking.  What a BBQ we could hold there!!!

Went to the famous Spanish Steps.  No idea why they are famous or what is supposed to be so impressive about them.  Nothing except some steps with 20,000 people sitting on them.  Yes, it is beautiful.  You sit there and everything around you is beautiful.  But I just didn't "get it" I guess.  The Valentino home - now THAT was impressive.  Absolutely beautiful.

Plaza Novana, very beautiful.  The Italians love their statues and their fountains!

We ended our time in Rome with a dinner show and dinner which was fantastic and a night bus tour of the City.  Exhausted but so happy to have been here.  Rome truly is an amazing city.  One day when I come back I will dig somewhere.  Who knows?  I might find an old home!

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  1. I too love Piazza Novana....however, the Spanish Steps have the pulse of the city. Why are they famous...well initially they were names after the upper piazza, then the name was changed to coincide with the lower piazza...Piazza Di Spagna. These steps have long been a favorite gathering place...also poets, artists and plain old folk have long gathered there to take in all the surrounding beauty. It is one of my favorite places in Rome. I get lost in all that is Rome there. I am sorry you did not feel that! Jacquie