Thursday, October 7, 2010

Julie Nutting

Nothing is getting better in the hospital front. Swelling and bleeding of the brain; liquid in the lungs.... Mentally draining.

So let's talk about something else for a little while shall we? Julie Nutting. I received a recent Somerset Magazine (don't have it here but will add it later) and I see these absolutely wonderful collaged faceless girls. They immediately remind me of the artisan dolls from Santo Domingo called "sin caras" (without faces) but so much more beautiful made from paper!

Gorgeous aren't they???? I copied these images from Julie's blog. As soon as I saw these dolls in Somerset I emailed Julie and asked her how these wonderful dolls were made. Within a couple of hours she wrote me back and told me!!! Who does that! Clearly she is not only an amazing artist but an amazing person. Go visit blog at and her Etsy shop!! She is a sweetie.

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