Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 6. Halifax, Nova Scotia Bye-Bye Tim!

Today was to be our 6th cruise day. I had plans to go to antique and fabric stores. Had plans to work in the studio tonight making the beautiful cloth flowers Tim taught us to make. Planned on spending some time with Mario just talking about life. I so enjoy our chats!

The phone rang at 6:00 am - never a good sign. The call was coming from Bernie's uncle -definitely not good. I really did not want to answer it but I knew I had to.

My father in law - a wonderfully "Victorian" man; with the charm and manners of a by-gone era had a major stroke. We needed to go home.

The staff on the cruise ship was lovely. Bernie wasn't really functional so their courtesies made it much easier.

Call Eileen - let her know... She meets me at the desk... A hug and a kiss and we are off this wonderful ship and in a taxi to the Halifax Airport. Wow! Talk about surreal!

We will fly to JFK in New York and from there go on to Miami to handle whatever God sends our way.

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