Thursday, October 21, 2010


INGRID DIJKERS is teaching a two-day workshop at our March retreat!!! Woo HOO!!! I am so unbelievably thrilled! It was so exciting to see our retreat on the workshop schedule on her blog!!!

Every single one of her projects are amazing but we will be doing the Over The Edge which is just ... well... over the top!!!

As you guys know I am a huge TEESHA MOORE fan. Attending Teesha's PLAY retreat in Port Townsend Washington last year totally changed my life and my art. Zetti speaks to me like no other art form. And in Ingrid's work I find the same thing. That "aha" moment when you know you have found your niche.

Spending time with good friends, Julie's fabulous Glamour Girls and Ingrid's Over the Edge... well it just doesn't get any better than this.


  1. hello! i'm a super big fan of julie's artwork and it's so wonderful that she'll be teaching at your retreat! i just had to stop by and say hello and i am so happy to find so many inspiring things here on your beautiful blog! thank you so much for sharing! it's so nice to remember how things fall into place :)

    best wishes,

  2. And thanks to Elena whose energy and enthusiasm seems to attract the best people to our retreats! I thought our last one was wonderful, but March sounds like a dream (no, several dreams) come true!
    Can't wait to see all my art sisters again!

  3. Oh that sounds like a wonderful retreat - can I crash it? Di