Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have hosted several round robin journals with a wonderful group of ladies. The way it has always worked is if someone does not want to participate in a new journal, we invite another person to come into the circle. Since we have not had anyone "drop out", we have let the group grow a little. In the past almost three years (I can't believe it's been almost THREE YEARS!!) we have done several projects:

Through the Eyes of an Artist was started in 2007 and after 15 months went home.

I Dream in Colors should be completely done in the next few months. Some of the ladies have already received theirs back!!! These journals are exquisite and were inspired by the wonderful Stampington special publication on a colors journal project done by wonderful and famous artists. Each artist chose her color palette and every artist who worked in the journal was limited to that color palette.

Journal of Dreams will also be completed soon. This was a simple journal where each artist completed one or two pages depicting a dream of that particular artist.

On November 10th we start a new project: ARTISTIC PORTFOLIOS. Each artist prepares a portfolio and sends it on in a round robin fashion. This first portfolios is on backgrounds. Each artist will prepare a background and write instructions on how to do the background on the back of the page. By the time this project is completed, each of us will have a portfolio full of wonderful backgrounds and instructions on how to do it!

This is my portfolio for the backgrounds project:

The second project will be journal pages in an 8x8 portfolio. Each artist will create a journal page where the owner of the portfolio can write and bind and use as a personal journal. That should be fun!
The idea behind this project is to create a library from which we can find inspiration. There will be other portfolios... tags... we will be creating a wonderful resource for our art.

In January we start ARTISTIC EVOLUTION. This will be probably the most exciting one so far! (At least until the next time!). The journals (which were all put together by Valerie who is just AMAZING), have light chipboard pages. The pages are cut so that the first page is narrow and the pages progressively get wider until they are the full size of the journal. The artist decorates her journal in any way she wants... and does the first page (the most narrow). The next artist to work on the journal has to do a page or pages that "evolve" from the previous page. In other words, if I create a first page with birds.... the next artist can "evolve" her art to include angels (from the bird wings).... you get the drift. It will be amazing.

This is the journal that Val has made for everyone:

This group of ladies came to my home this past year for a retreat (Keys 4 Art 2010) and will now be returning (plus some extras!) for Keys 4 Art 2011. I am blessed to know them and to be gifted with their wonderful art.


  1. It looks fabulous, Elena. I love your journal. Is that a hinge you have on there?

  2. wow....... Your projects are amazing!!! Love them all.


  4. LOL! What a difference one letter makes ! Don't worry Sue! I fixed it!