Friday, October 8, 2010

Artists Are Truly Amazing People!

Yesterday I blogged about the beautiful work of Julie Nutting. If you haven't checked out her blog yet you really should! You will love her girls!

Anyway, I was trying to distract myself from this whole depressing waiting game at the hospital (and no, still no improvement) so I write to Julie and ask her if she offers any on-line classes or DVDs. I explain to her that I host a yearly retreat for the members of my journal group and would love to learn to make her girls so that I could teach her technique at our retreat in March.

She responds that she does not offer either at this time. And then she goes on to ask about the retreat and tells me that she would love to join us and teach us how to do her girls!!!! Can you believe that!? Is she not amazing?

God truly is so good to me. And I continue to be awed and humbled by the amazing people that come into my life like angels sent to grace me with light and this wonderful gift of art that makes my life so full of amazing colors!

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  1. wow....... this is FABULOUS!!!!!!! Wish I could be there! I love her girls, I checked out her blog and her work is beautiful!

  2. OH MAN... I LOVE her stuff!!! So cool that she is going to teach us at the retreat. (We may not have enough days to squeeze everything in.)

  3. I had no idea that this was going to become a yearly retreat. good for you all!


  4. I happen to think that God is paying particular attention to us artists lately! I am so excited about the retreat and meeting such a wonderful group of women!