Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Four! Bar Harbor, Maine

I don't know what happened to my original post on Bar Harbor but it's gone!

We arrived in Bar Harbor by ferry from the cruise ship. The moment we turned the corner I was reminded of Cape Cod. A beautiful island, Bar Harbor has dozens of lobstering boats dotting the waters that surround it.

A quaint town full of shops and restaurants, Bar Harbor is welcoming and friendly. Part of it is obviously that tourism is their main source of income, but also I have to believe that just living here has to make you feel happy!

With beautiful summers and vicious unforgiving winters, the population on this island swells to over 45,000 people in the summer and goes down to less than 7000 in the winter!

With mansions owned by the Astors, the Rockerfellers and other mega wealthy families, the views on this island rival and surpass even the most beautiful views in Europe. Who knew????? We travel to Europe to see sights that we have in our own back yard.

We went on a tour and I took dozens of gorgeous pictures I will share with you later.

At night we had our second class! Tim taught us to make absolutely gorgeous flowers and some great techniques to make these wonderful tags!!!! Will share more on how they are done later. Enjoy!

PS: I am already booked on Tim's Caribbean cruise for September 2011 and I really hope you are too because it is already sold out!!!! I can't even start to tell you how worth it it will be!!! Tell you more about it in a later post.

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