Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost Home

We are 20 minutes from Miami. Totally exhausted and drained. But almost home. I could feel bummed about missing 4 days of the 9 day cruise. But I have made the choice not to. Instead of feeling bummed about missing 4 days I am going to continue to feel thrilled about having the 5 days I did have.

Got to see and enjoy New York! Visited ground zero.... Felt the fear and the pain of that great city.

Spent time with some wonderful ladies - many I knew and many I was lucky enough to get to know.

Spent time with Mario with whom for some strange reason I have always felt a connection to.

Got some great products... Learned some wonderful new techniques from Tim who really and truly is as fun and humble as he seems despite being a "rock star"! LOL!

Spent time with my buddy Eileen who I adore! Met her best friend Pat who is just awesome.... Met two beautiful ladies from Japan - Naomi and Kyoko...

Spent quality time with my husband...

Yep!!! It's all good!! I am one lucky lady!

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  1. You are one amazing chick,that's all I can say.Truly.
    XO Sue

  2. I am proud of you.... your glass is hal full instead of hal empty.
    Please keep in touch about your FIL.
    Hope is all well. Love ya!

  3. I'm not sure what has happened but I hope you are ok...