Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day three! Portland, Maine

A very pretty town built around a pier, Portland is quaint and the people are very nice. Not a lot to see or do. We took a ride in a horse drawn wagon which took us around the town. Everyone would wave and say hi which was a nice change from the abruptness and rudeness of New York! I loved New York and have every intention of going back. Fascinating town but not somewhere I would want to live!

No classes today. No time to go to the studio. Plan to go to studio when Bernie watches football!

Here are some pictures taken today.

Given the fact I have never lived further North than Miami, I find the Map,e trees with their wonderful autumn colors to be so beautiful!

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  1. Hey I'm READING THIS. I was VERY hospitable and offered you EVERY courtesy. Who wasn't nice to you? I'll get my cousin Vinny to take care of them. LOL. Hope you're having fun!

  2. Well,it looks like the weather has shaped up for you! I sure hope so!Being seasick must be AWFUL!!
    Is it just me,Miss Elena,or are you looking VERY blond?!?!?Looks great!
    Have a ball! XO Sue

  3. You look wonderful, the trip is amazing, so sorry it ended