Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Two!

We had our first class today. I was so sea sick last night and, honestly felt even worse this morning! But I don't think most of the it was actually being sea sick.

The ship gives out seasickness pills. I assume they do that to avoid the massive vomit cleanup more so than out of the kindness of their hearts- but there you have it! Anyway... The little pack brings two pills. After taking them both I figured it was a good idea to get more. When I went up there today the nice young lady who doesn't speak or understand English OR Spanish (unfortunately the only 2 languages I know) finds someone who almost speaks English and says "take only 1every 12 hours- they is too very strong". There you go! I was ODing on anti-vomiting pills!! Ugggh! Live and learn! Poor Mario has been sick as a dog too! The poor thing spent the morning eating bread!

Back to the important stuff! Wonderful first class! Made an easy but gorgeous little journal for this cruise! As usual, Tim was extremely generous with his materials and the give away at the end of the class was incredible! Ok so it's worth being seasick! And when they you to bring an empty duffle bag with you they mean it!

The adorable little canvas purse was a surprise from Eileen!!! The charms on it spell out my name and I love it!!!

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  1. That would be my luck to get sick too! I'm sorry you aren't feeling the best, try to enjoy. It looks like class was great and your project is Awesome! Shari (cricutrookie)