Monday, December 20, 2010


Friday I spent the entire day at my friend Jacquie's house.  We spent the day making charms and chatting... she made dinner for my husband and I that night and we had a wonderful time.  She also presented me with a gift made by "my girls" - the ladies in my journal groups.  It turns out that they had all made a page for me and had sent them all to Eileen so that she could bind them.  The album she made is just amazing the pages these ladies made for me made my cry with their beauty and their sentiment.

Saturday was spent with my grand daughters.  I had Maddie since early in the morning because Kristina and Kaitlynn had to go to the dress rehearsal for Kaitlynn's ballet recital that evening.  Seeing that baby on stage, so beautiful and so confident made me cry.

Yesterday my husband gave me a wonderful surprise party at the Marlin (a local restaurant we frequent daily).  My neices and nephews, my brothers, my children, my friends... everyone was there and I had such a wonderful time! My daughter and my youngest niece, Jackie, share the same birthday so we made sure that all three birthdays were celebrated!!  My niece was so excited that she was having a "surprise" party!! She will be 6 years old tomorrow!

We had live music and tons and tons of food and beverages and it was just great!  My brother Albert and I went back in time and danced disco to the Bee Gees!!!  Let me tell you.... it was much easier in the 70s!!!  We both felt we were going to die after ONE dance!!!!  LOL!!!

Tomorrow is my actual birthday and I am driving to Miami to spend the day with Kristina and to go see Jackie.  I plan to take my daughter for a little pampering - manicure, pedicure, clothes shopping... she is so wonderful... she really deserves a little time for herself.

Thank you for your wonderful cards, emails and thoughts!!


  1. What a wonderful family and a lot of love, you are very blessed! So glad you had a great birthday!You deserve it!

  2. Boy oh boy, but you and your brothers all really look alike. So glad you had such a wonderful birthday being surrounded by all your friends and family. Who could ask for a better celebration!

  3. Well, knowing the food at the Marlin, can I say I'm jealous? LOL! Boy, does that look like a lot of fun! Great family you have, and everyone does look so happy.
    Today is the official day, so once again, let me wish you a very very happy birthday!

  4. Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend! It was so great to see the entire family happy, celebrating :) May God continue to shower you with blessings in the coming year. Love you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  5. Hello Elena,

    seems there were a lot of tears on your birthday ! :)
    happy tears are good tears..

    it's nice to read you had such a great time with friends and family.
    But, you do make me curious about your book !
    Maybe they are on your other blog ?

    greetings from belgium

  6. Glad you could let loose and have good fun with your family
    You deserve everything possible!!
    Love ya lots