Friday, December 31, 2010

More Christmas Pictures

Posted by PicasaI have tons of Xmas pictures
and tons of ways of scrapping
them!  These pages and all the other xmas pages I have posted are done from scratch!!  I thought I would never be able to do these pages without templates but I find that not using templates is quite liberating!   I am excited at the idea of getting caught up on my scrapbooking!  I have literally hundreds and hundreds of pictures in my computer that I would like to scrap and I feel so good about it right now!  LOL!!!  Not only is there no mess at all (heaven knows what I will do with the two millions sheets of scrap paper I have!) but there is an ENDLESS supply of EVERYTHING in every color, every width... can you imagine the possibilities?  Your letters in every size, shape and color?  Virtual heaven!!!  So bear with me because there will be a lot of pages coming up!!!

I really have to get AWAY from the computer and do Lee's pages for her Marie Journal!!!   The I Dream in Colors journals will be home to everyone soon.  I have mine (my colors were white with a little bit of gold) and it is absolutely AMAZING.   I can't even tell you how gorgeous it is.  I will do a slideshow when I can and post it.

My Dreams Journal is back too!!!  Again, amazing work from these amazing ladies!

So the one I have out there is Marie (Marie Antoinette of course).  We are also shipping a new journal out on February 14th that promises to be the best one yet!!!  Stay tuned for more info!!!

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