Wednesday, December 22, 2010


As a divorce attorney, I am never at a loss for idiots.  Never.  The things people do to each other and, in the process, to their children, is mind boggling.

For the past two days, while I have been trying to enjoy some well deserved time off, I have received numerous emails from an attorney who has advised me that he is taking my client back to court because when my client calls the Mother of his children at 7:00 pm every night as per a court order, he is using his girlfriend's phone to call.  I kid you not.  We are talking about two lawyers who charge $300 per hour arguing over not WHETHER the father is complying with a court order, which he IS, but that he is calling from a phone number that his wife refuses to answer - even to speak to her kids.

Worse yet you have an attorney who actually will take the time to write me numerous emails about this "problem" and threaten me with going to court!!  Really?  Excuse me but last time I looked that is what I do for a living!   Are you not embarrassed to even write these emails?  And threatening me?  Really?  Obviously you have not worked with me before!

Now, I understand that there is anger, jealousy, bitterness.... I get it... really I do!  I am not totally unsympathetic with this woman but are you KIDDING ME??????   Your children are with their father for 10 days (granted, only after numerous motions and an emergency court hearing because the Mother refuses to let the children see their father) and you want to speak with them every day.  I get that.  That's cool.  But you wont answer the phone unless the Father calls from a specific phone number???  Seriously???? So do you want to speak with your children every day or do you just want to control your husband who left you over a year ago for someone else?   This woman (and her lawyer) need to get a frickin life!   UGGHHH!!!

There are days and then there are days!


  1. Elena,
    Just goes to show it takes all kinds of idiots (oh did I say that out loud?) to make this world go around.
    Love your blog.

  2. I just have one thing to say. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS AN HOUR?

  3. Ahhh...people get so crazy when emotions run high and sadly, some attorneys take advantage of that. I got charged $1500 for an attorney to find out what I needed to do to move my son overseas (I have sole custody and his father has no visitation and hasn't even spoken to him in over 5yrs), to run an advert in the paper, send a ltter to the ex and then to see the judge and get an order signed. Crazy, but I wanted to make sure i did everything right.

  4. All I can say is, there are plenty of idiots in all walks of life to go around.
    And....divorce tends not to bring out the best in people, LOL.
    Thanks for the entertaining story.

  5. WOW..... it's amazing that you are still sane after having to deal with that many brain damaged people. Maybe one day they will figure out what is important and what isn't.

  6. Elena, they ALL need JESUS in their hearts and lives!!!!!! Pray for all of them. I will do the same.