Sunday, October 18, 2009


The only thing that distracts me right now is art. I spent the entire day Friday with my friend Jacquie Valdespino - a fabulous artist and an even more fabulous lawyer. We spent the whole day in my "play room". It was great. I wasn't dwelling on my dad's illness and the results that we are waiting for with our hearts in a vise. The tests that will tell us if the cancer has spread.

Today I have my daughter and granddaughter here and they are like rays of sunshine. I joined an on-line workgroup SOUL JOURNALING ADVANCED TECHNIQUES. They are on week 4 and I started yesterday but am now almost caught up. The first class was just making your journal and adding pages to it for a really cool effect. The second class was about altering photos which I had fun doing; and the third class was about opening windows in our journal pages. That's as far as I got. Next on the agenda is making some cool tags to add to our journal. The Journal is what it sounds like - SOUL JOURNALING - journaling about feelings and things that we would probably not choose to journal about. I think it will be a great experience - especially now that my family is going through this crisis.

These are the altered pictures I did. The last three pictures are just regular pictures that I altered. They are all of my granddaughter Kaitlynn because her face makes me happy. The first 3 are pictures printed on my wonderful POGO Printer that Lee sent me!! They are 2x3 and self adhesive so they are absolutely perfect for journaling! You can take it wherever you go and print out your pictures while journaling! I LOVE it!! (Take a look at earlier post of this wonderful new toy!).

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