Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I went to work today not because I wanted or needed to really but because if I stayed here all day just thinking about everything I was going to go nuts. I had several packages I received in the mail... things I bought.... swaps that I am hosting. And then I opened one from my friend Valerie Brincheck (owner of In that envelope was this beautiful bracelet! All the charms on it were made by Valerie and another friend from that group, Nancy Allen. Each and every charm was handmade by them. It made me want to cry. What a beautiful gift; how heartfelt and sincere!

The group had hosted a charms swap and Valerie made bracelets for everyone. I did not participate in the swap because, frankly, I have never made charms and was a little intimidated by it! I kept seeing all these gorgeous charms being made and was in awe of all the wonderful ideas these talented women had! I have to admit I had regretted NOT joining the swap! LOL!!!

And to receive these wonderful charms from these two ladies just made my day. It's like I told them earlier today, wearing it I realize that no matter how painful a day is, there are always wonderful generous people to reach out to you and say "I'm here and I love you".

Thank you Val and Nancy!!! I will treasure this always!


  1. Please keep that thought in mind, Elena. What ever will be happening, there are a lot of people out there who are thinking of you and your family and are keeping all of you in their prayers.
    And making your art will sure help you along as well - try to take same time for this, too.
    All the best to you!

  2. Hi, Elena. This is Aimeslee from Teri's on the wing group Taking flight class. And I read tonite you're in my A.R.T. AJS Lynne Perella group, too. Nancy is a moderator on a post card group I co-own. Beautiful bracelet. I'm so sorry about your dad's diagnosis. You will be relieved for him eventually that it's going fast, because the suffering for him is less this way. But now it must feel for you like a horrible Twilight Zone. I will keep you all in my prayers for strength and healing.