Monday, October 3, 2011


I know I promised a cruise rundown starting today but I just got home (8:00 pm) after my first day back at work and the crazies were crawling out from under rocks today!  All good.  I just ignored them !

BUT, I have to admit - albeit grudgingly - that I am a little overwhelmed by all my new toys!!!  I have no IDEA on earth where I am going to put all this stuff!!!

Okay, smart ass, I know what you are thinking :  "Oh really?  Poor you!!! NOT!"  Don't get me wrong, I am still quite happy with all my new "stuff" - I just don't handle messes well and right now my studio is a MESS.

Tomorrow I will go shopping for storage solutions but for now I will just do my best to ignore it.

So, let's see... where do we begin?  Oh yes, here goes:

Bernie and I (my husband who "sacrifices" and comes with me on these cruises) left Key Largo early on Saturday morning.  The cruise wasn't leaving until Sunday but (a) it would be quite silly to travel the same day in case something happens and (b) we were meeting Eileen and Pat in Disney.  It was a five hour drive but well worth the destination don't you think?

We stayed at the Saratoga Springs Resort in Disney.  Like everything at Disney, it's very pretty but not a resort I would return to.  Boring.  VERY boring.

I had spoken to Eileen at about 3:00 pm and she had just gotten to her resort (Port Orleans - ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS resort!!  Loved it!).  Anyway, I digress....  We agreed to meet up a little later for dinner.

Once we got to our hotel and showered and changed (it was, after all, Saturday), I spent a couple of hours calling Eileen's cell phone with no success! Of course I did not have Pat's so there was nothing I could do but leave messages.

Could my sweet Eileen have ditched me??????  Not!  Turns out that Eileen and Pat were going through a little drama of their own!  Eileen's iPhone had literally DIED.  Not as in dead battery - as in dead phone!

She is cool without a phone but there was one significant problem with that.... She had my cell phone number on her phone.  So not only could I not contact her... She had no way of contacting me because she didn't know my number by heart.  (This is a perfect example of how we are all so damned tied into technology we cease to function when our toys do!)

Eileen and Pat had to go to the Magic Kingdom on a bus, the tram and then the monorails in order to get to a computer.  Why you ask?  Well, Pat and Eileen and I are on several yahoo groups together so she went into all these groups to see if I had listed my phone number on any of them!  Well, they found it and called me from Pat's phone.  That only took about 3 hours!

Eventually they made it back to their hotel and we picked them up.  Beautiful resort!!  You open the doors and you ARE in New Orleans!  Only Disney.  They have jazz music playing and the "streets" of the resort are exact duplicates of the beautiful streets of New Orleans.  Definitely a hotel everyone should visit!

From Port Orleans we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack - one of my favorite restaurants and had a wonderful seafood meal and some pretty fantastic margaritas!  I am sure Eileen and/or Pat took pictures of the meal and it will be on Eileen's blog.  I took some pictures but did it with the Instax so can not share!

After the meal we went back to our hotels to get some sleep before this much anticipated cruise!


  1. Well that answers the question of why you couldn't get through to Eileen the day you left. I guess Pat doesn't have my phone number, or they could've just called me to ask.

  2. Yep all that new stuff must be really tough to take!!! poor you!!!LOL I still think it is so ironically hilarious that YOU won!!!MArio must have rigged I as a joke!!!