Sunday, October 16, 2011

LET'S CRUISE!!! Sunday, September 25th

As everyone knows I went on the Tim Holtz Caribbean Cruise (September 25 - October 2nd).  I have to tell you I can not BELIEVE how quickly a week can go by!!!  It was a great cruise.  Hold on and I'll share some picture with you!

When we get into our state room I was really happy with the room.  It was huge and pretty and comfortable with a HUGE balcony.  My husband had ordered the "romance package" and I had roses and a bottle of champaign waiting for us!  Very sweet of him!!!

 Beautiful roses.  They were still gorgeous when we got back but we were not allowed to bring them with us!
Moet Chandon and cupcakes!  Can't beat that combination.

The room was fantastic!
The balcony was huge!  Bernie's favorite place!
View from the balcony to the room.

The huge dome is a jacuzzi.  Our room is directly under the jacuzzi.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Great pic of you with the roses! How sweet of Bernie!