Saturday, October 15, 2011


I know I still owe everyone a recap of the cruise and I have tons of pictures to share with you of that cruise but I wanted to post pictures of Kristina's baby shower.  My daughter is expecting her third daughter any day now.

Her baby shower had been planned for October 9th.  It had been planned for a long time.  We were doing it at the same park where we have done the other two baby showers and all the birthday parties for the girls.

I went to her house on Friday to help her prepare for the shower at the park on Sunday.  The day was HORRIBLE.  It was thundering and raining and just.... well awful!  Saturday was just as bad and according to the weather channel, Sunday the 9th was going to be no better!

Now, you have to understand Kristina is incredibly anal when it comes to things like this.  She plans everything MONTHS in advance - she has to have everything SET way in advance or like she says, her OCD goes into overdrive!

So here it is Saturday afternoon - 4:40 to be exact - and there was a mini hurricane going on!  So now what?  Her condo is too small to even consider moving the party to; I live in the Keys - too far for everyone to travel to at the last minute.  We were stuck!  She is sitting in the car having a total melt down when - just like in the cartoons - a bulb goes on over my head!!!  I have a client who owns a banquet hall!!!  Okay, so it's about 18 hours notice but it never hurts to ask right?

So I call my friend Gloria and tell her I have a problem.  Problem? What problem?  Come on over and use the upstairs banquet hall - it's empty tomorrow!  Can I hear a loud and boisterous HALLELUJAH!!!

Kristina and I immediately get on our phones texting and emailing everyone the address for the banquet hall.  I was sure we missed someone who would end up going to a park in the pouring rain but nothing to be done!

So now we face another dilemna!  HOW THE HELL do we decorate a fancy-schmanzy banquet hall when all our plans are for a PARK?  UGGHH!  Thankfully Kristina is extremely creative and between us we actually pulled this off!!

The theme was Dr. Seuss.

Instead of spending tons of money on decorations, and considering we had less than 24 hours to put this together, Kristina came up with this great idea to put a basket on each table (nap time, meal time, bath time, play time...) and putting articles relating to it in the basket.  We then put some Dr. Seuss books on the table, some shredded paper, some gold fish crackers and a real gold fish!
 We spent the night before making cupcakes.  I think the colors came out fantastic and very Dr. Seuss-sih!  The cake was made and sad Welcome Savannah.
 My "cherubs" and their significant others.  From left to right, Pipo and Jornelys, Leonor and Brian, Kristina and Derrick and my perpetually single "no way am I getting married" son, Charlie.
 Kristina chose sayings from the Dr. Seuss books, typed them on a computer and laminated them.  They were put all over the tables and looked really great.
 Me and my mini-me.
 I LOVE this picture.  It's become tradition. We have one just like this with Kaitlynn's pregnancy, with Maddie's and now with Savannah's!  For this that are wondering, Bernie is due in December, we are expecting a green little boy named Heineken.

 My nieces and my grand daughter.  It's wonderful how the family keeps growing!
 Another one of the tables.
 Ms. Maddie with her Dr. Seuss bow!
 Can't have a Dr. Seuss party without green eggs!
 I made these little signs for all the food that was all named Dr. Seuss names!
 Kaitlynn is excited about Savannah's arrival and helped her mom with the presents.
Kristina is a school teacher.  Her colleagues at her school made this basket filled with blankets and bibs and all kinds of things with Savannah's name on it.  They did the same thing with the other two girls and it is just a wonderful gift.

It all came out wonderful and we had a great day!


  1. wow....... this is fabulous and what I love the most is the LOVE of you and your family. God bless you all and can't wait to meet Savannah!!!! What a pretty name that is. Sweet!!!!! Love you all!

  2. What a lucky girl to have you for a mama!
    Love it that you and Bernie are expecting little green baby named Heineken!lol!
    Btw,the last pic of you two is so good!

  3. what an awesome story !!!!
    a great idea for a baby shower...
    rather Brilliant I think
    on such short notice!!!!
    Wonderful family photos.
    Maddie, has changed so much
    from when i saw her last...
    both those girls are gorgeous
    Congratulations Bernie !!!
    I didnt know.