Sunday, October 2, 2011


As expected it was a wonderful time.  I got to see a lot of the ladies I had met during the last cruise, some old friends from Louisiana and of course my peeps that went also!

I have to unpack and rest up for the coming week from hell but it was so worth it!!!

I have tons to tell you about but will do it tomorrow.  Between my blog and Eileen's wonderful wonderful blog you wont miss a thing!

But now to the REALLY important stuff!!!  The STUFF!!!!  And how much stuff did I bring you ask?  Well, I had taken an empty duffel bag and ended up buying another and a small tote.  Yep!!  Lots of very cool Tim Stuff!!!!  Lots of it was given to us, (he's like the male Oprah with these give aways!) and lots of stuff I bought!  Definitely in a happy place.

During the last day farewell party we had food and drinks and most importantly a raffel!   I NEVER win in these things but THIS time was different!!

I won an ENTIRE SET (interpret as every single color) of Archival ink pads; a huge package of letters AND.... ready for it?????  A VAGABOND!  How cool is that!!!   Okay, so I already have all the ink pads AND a Vagabond but it's still totally cool to win!!!

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the "stuff" (and NO, I have no idea where I am going to fit all this!). Those of you who have come to my Keys 4 Art Retreat KNOW that my studio is already overflowing!

Tons and tons of deliciousness!!!  I have two great totes and a bunch of products from the new District Market line.  I have... well, just about everything!!!  It's Christmas!

We worked on two great projects, a journal book and a configuration tray but they are still packed.  Will give you guys a run down tomorrow.

Oh, most important!!!  Here are some pictures of my peeps!!!

My husband is so cool to put up with the craziness!! But of course being on a gorgeous ship with pools and bars makes it much easier to BE cool!

I think my biggest accomplishment was not beating the hell out of some of the ladies on this cruise (and yes, you all know who you are!).  Talk about out-of-your-mind crazies!!!  What is UP with that!?  (Picture those girls you see crying and fainting in the old Beatles footage but on CRACK!).  Okay, so maybe they were not crying OR fainting... but they were totally nuts!

I'm only going to tell you that at one point when Tim opened the door to The Market Place which Mario runs (the shopping area) (we were the second group to go in), he actually stepped outside and said PLEASE BE NICE!  The first group had gone nuts on each other over STUFF!!!

Yep, fun filled days of arguing and cat fights OVER WHO GOT INTO THE ROOM FIRST FOR CLASSES!!!  You would think there would not be enough chairs!!  People were in line over an hour early!  Of course Eileen sent me in first so I could get seats for the 4 of us to sit together in case someone had to be punched!!!  Unbelievable!  Wait until you hear the stories!!!

See you all back here tomorrow for day one of our voyage!


  1. Oh Elena - I'm soooooo jealous, if the cruise ever comes to Australia I'm on it!

  2. Wow wow wow. I can't think of a nicer person to win that raffle. (well, other than me, but i wasn't there). So glad to see you smiling and having a wonderful time. xo

  3. Your haul you came home with is un-freaking beleivable!! If I weren't already jeolous, I certainly would be now. Just kidding, I'm glad you had a great time. I can't wait to hear all the details and see what you made.
    blogger isn't cooperating tonight so I have to comment as annonymous. Shari (cricutrookie}

  4. So nice to finally put a name to a face sure made out like a bandit..what a great trip for you.

  5. Here's my comment:
    Welcome HOME!!!! We missed you! OMG OMG!!! What a haul! And I can't believe you won ANOTHER Vagabond!!!! I am so Jealous!!! Will be watching the blogs for the fun stories, pictures and projects. So glad you were able to complete the entire cruise this time round.
    Love ya, Marita