Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well, it's really not until tomorrow but I made him his "birthday dinner" (which is a tradition with my children) for lunch today because he had to go to work this afternoon.

I can't believe he is 31.  Every time I look at him I am amazed that he is still not that 3 year old that followed me around everywhere with his pillow.

He's a good man and he has been fighting a courageous battle WHICH HE IS WINNING.  I can not be prouder of him or love him more.

Happy birthday baby boy.

 The cake looks like it's on fire!!!  Leonor put those trick candles on the cake - all 31 of them - and we could not get them off fast enough to keep them from melting!  It was hilarious.

The pictures are not good because they were taken with my cell phone.  My camera was out of batteries!!  Oh well, I still have a picture!

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