Saturday, December 19, 2009


This morning I received a wonderful email from a friend, Sox. I will admit to waking up feeling unbelievably sad this morning. Wanting Christmas to just not happen this year - a real life Scrouge I know. But reading this email for some reason made me feel so much better. Sox is right, this is not the most awful Christmas of my life... it is the most beautiful one. Thank you Sox. You have no idea what your words have healed in me this morning:


You know, Christmas is relative. Christmas is a day. Christmas is about love and sharing and being true.
And you have that like you'll never have at other Christmases, I'm pretty sure.

All of you are raw, and open, and full of flowing love for this man.
It seems like an awesome Christmas to me.

I went to your blog and I read your entry about death.

I've attached a Photoshop montage I did about death. You 'get' death. It's only heartbreaking to US who are left behind. Out of selfishness, because we won't have that person around anymore.

Or we could focus on what is good, which is all these wonderful bittersweet days that you have with your Dad.

Mine was in France, he got to the hospital, was there 3 days, I was due to come over to France on the Thursday, he did on the Tuesday.

I know you're taking advantage of NOW. Appreciating NOW.

It's a long, painful, drawn out agony if you let it. Or it's a celebration of this wonderful man, your deep love for him, and the joy to be able to look after him, that somewhere (willing or not, aware or not), he gives you the opportunity to be of service to him.

I celebrate with you the most amazing Christmas of your life.
Big love.


I am always taken aback by the love and friendships of these wonderful wonderful women.


  1. What a beautiful email. Sox, pretty much nailed it. Enjoy this Christmas - it will be one of your most memorable ones. Thinking of you....
    Laura D.

  2. This really puts so much into perspective. Thank you for sharing her wise words with the rest of us.

  3. Good advice, though I know not always easy to follow.
    Be with your dad, love him, he will always be with you. I know.

  4. I couldn't have said anything better! Sox you ROCK!

    SOX is right, you have the precious gift of knowing, and being able to spend as much time as you can with your dad. You are all able to be the ones who help him be comfortable, and feel the love you all have for him. His dying will be no less devastating, but when it comes, his suffering will be over, and you and your brothers will have peace, knowing he was surrounded by your love. Be positive, he needs that right now, the sadness can come after wards. We all love you Elena, and stand in support and strength for you, sending out loving vibes.
    Big hugs,
    Susan (G)

  5. Sox said it so well! She was the angel you needed just now.