Monday, December 28, 2009


He is still alive. He can hear everything we say. He reacts with anxiety when he hears the voice of any of his children. Tears roll down the sides of his face as we talk to him. And he is still alive.

I am tortured by the fact that we treat our animals with more humanity than we treat human beings. If we have a pet, a beloved pet, that is sick and suffering we don't just sit there watching him/her until she finally dies. We take this beloved animal to a vet who gives him/her a shot that ends its life humanely. Meanwhile, we are expected to sit by this man's side day after day, listening to his chest rattling with the liquid that is building up in his lungs; seeing him with open eyes and not knowing whether he can see us or not, waiting for his nails and feet to turn blue to determine whether or not the oxygen level is decreasing, taking his blood pressure to see if it is coming down ... all of this to see if he will die soon.

This is BARBARIC. NOBODY should die like this. Why can't we just bring a physician to end it? To stop the torture for him and for us? Why do we insist that euthanasia is "wrong"!!! THIS is wrong. It's absolutely horrific!

He can hear me. I whisper in his ear that I love him and he looks at me... he groans because he can't respond, he cries from what I imagine is impotence and fear. This is not acceptable. It's not acceptable.


  1. no,Elena, it is not is barbaric......humans deserve dignity,and your love for your father IS giving him dignity in another way.I am so sorry.

  2. Elena

    I'm sorry that your father is going through is ....

    I have a challenge for you.

    Why not join Hemlock and help bring about change?

    There are others that are facing the same ordeal as your father and family ...

    Hey ... do it so that yOU don't ever have to go through something like this!!

  3. My 2 cents worth Elena. The same energy and creation that brought us into this world is what takes us from this world. There are mysteries of life that we cannot answer and when my Mom was getting ready to die, because I think that death is a preparation not just for the family but for the person dying, we on the outside don't know what they are going through in their spirit. Some talk to loved ones who have parted and other that have gone through near death experiences mention of a light and a peace that we don't see. I know that it may seem barbaric and with my Mom, who didn't want to experience any pain, the more Morphine we gave her, the sooner we knew that she would die. Life as well as death is a sacred mystery....and boy do I have questions when I die and reach my destination whatever that is. My Mom would say "Yo no le tengo miedo a la muerte, pero nunca nadie ha regresado para decir como es". Love Ya