Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Despite being totally and completely exhausted as I sit here and write this (just got home from the office since 8 this morning!), I had to take a moment to share with you how truly blessed I feel.

As I had already mentioned, I spent the whole day Saturday with 3 wonderful ladies. We spent the day making Xmas cards and just "playing' and it was so great! Patty brought me a present on Saturday "just because" and those are always the special ones aren't they? There was no reason for it - not for my birthday (which, unfortunately is December 21) or for Xmas - just because! How awesome is that!!?

On Monday I won a blog give away on my friend Eileen's blog (you have to go check her out, she is FABULOUS: http://artsaveslive s-paperqueen. She made this absolutely fabulous Christmas tag and I won it!!

Now today I win the give away on Tim's Blog. AND this afternoon I get a beautiful Xmas bouquet of flowers (WITH candy canes!) from Patty and Linda! Can life POSSIBLY get any better? I will go to bed tonight thanking God for these wonderful ladies and for soooooooooo many others I have me through this marvelous hobby!!!


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  1. Elena! Thanks for the free publicity, lol. I'm so happy you're having such a great week; you are so generous and have such a big heart, so no one deserves life's blessings more than you. I think that by the time you read this, the tag you won might be in your mailbox! (((BIG HUGS))