Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I hope the New Year will be one of health and progress for everyone! I can't believe the year is over!! Lord tims is going by so fast!

Anyway, in a previous post I had told you about a project I wanted to do for my dad. He gave me all the letters he had received from his parent since 1965 when we left Cuba until they died.

I knew how hard it was for him to give them up but he says he is afraid that if something happens to him they will be tossed and he just can't stand that idea. He knows I will always treasure them.

I bought a large (16x20) shadow box and decorated it with vintage paper and dried roses. I then make color copies of the letters and tore off the most touching parts of the letters. I added pictures of my grandparents (who I never met) and wrote a note to my dad that said:

"I can't even start to imagine the pain you felt in leaving your family behind to give us a better life. I hope the pride you feel in your children somehow compensates for the hurt suffered by you and your parents. Always know that I am forever grateful for your sacrifice and love and respect you more than you know."

I expected him to get a little emotional (my dad is not the overly emotional type). What I did not expect was for him to break down sobbing. It killed me to see him sobbing like that but I am still very glad I did this for him.


  1. Ok, now you have me crying!
    It is just beautiful, Elena.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. These photos do not do it justice. Stunning.

  3. What a wonderful gift for your father. It is beautiful. Now, he can enjoy and treasure the letters daily without concern for there being damaged or lost. This was so thoughtful of you.

  4. This is beautiful Elena. I do not have the belief in msyelf enough to attempt such a precious project. A true treasure, indeed.
    Carol/ ladybreathes

  5. HOW ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, Elena. What a TREASURE!! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. This is really touching and beautiful, Elena. There can be no greater tribute to a father.
    Happy New Year !!
    (from the ATC groups)

  7. It brought tears to my eyes what you wrote, so I can only imagine how your father felt. It's really beautiful ... handmade gifts are definitely the way. Keep up the great work and I love your positive messages on ATC World & AATCUK. Happy New Year.


  8. what wonderful labor of love!!! I was touched deeply just reading about it! Big hugs, to all of you :)

    It is beautiful!