Friday, November 8, 2013

Wonderful surprises in the mail today!

Not too long ago, I posted about how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.  That was confirmed today when I received these wonderful gifts from Lillian and Melody.

First, I received these two beautiful little purses from Melody.

They are absolutely perfect for the life here in Key Largo.  Thank you Melody!

Then I opened up an envelope and found this absolutely stunning handmade journal from Lillian.

Is it not absolutely amazing? !  Here's some more pictures. 

Love the tag Lil!

Ladies, you made me so happy today !!  Thank u!


  1. Boy that was fast! I just got it out on Wednesday! I want you to know, lovely one, that I made those little purses with the cute little sewing machine you sent me. I love it so much! Thank you!

    I am so glad you like them, and I hope you can use them in great happiness and health!

  2. How wonderful for you!! You're blessed to have these thoughtful ladies in your life - and clearly they know they're blessed to have you!