Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Have you ever fantasized about disappearing?  Have you ever dreamt about going somewhere where nobody knows you, where you don't know anyone, where nobody can find you???  Have u ever just wanted to "check out"?  To find a place where nobody "needs" you?  

I am overwhelmed by life in general.   I am so tired.  I love my family so much. But I fantasize about disappearing.  Of  becoming invisible.

Maybe its because I deal with people's problems, with their sorrows, all day long.  My mind and heart just dont ever rest.  I deal with problems ALL DAY - every day - and then come home to deal with my own.  Its just too much right now.


  1. Keep your head up, if you disappeared, A LOT of people would miss you!!! Life sometimes is not kind, as we all know. Too bad you don't have the motorhome, we just spent two week-ends in Big Cypress, JOe was there for 11 days and I commuted....but it was nice to get away. Went riding on Joe's new toy.
    If you need me, I'm here.

    1. From Linda Davis. Thank u honey. I will be fine. I always am. I love u too.

  2. Honey. I am now seriously worried about you. Do you need a vacation? Australia is a good destination? LOL.

    If you need a chat just yell. I feel at times although we are continents apart, we are at the same point in our lives.


    Sarah Walker
    Gold Coast, Australia

  3. Oh, are right about having to deal with other people's problems all day and then coming home to your own. Many days,as a teacher,dealing with a hundred kids a day,I felt the same way.It does get intense.And exhausting.
    Just remember that you have many many people who love you.
    Remember how you subtitled this blog:Dancing in the Rain? I have faith that you will soon be samba-ing between the raindrops.