Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thank you!!

Prayer is very powerful!!  Especially in groups!

Charlie was not arrested today.  His probation officer decided to wait until the judge makes a decision.

Doesn't make the DUI charge go away by any means,  but it does mean that he will be home for the holidays.  Even if he has to go to jail for a little while after that, I can live with it.   It's just so sad to think about your son behind bars during the Christmas holidays.

Thank you so much for your love and your support.  I know it was becoming quite maudlin,  but I was becoming very overwhelmed.

So tomorrow?

WE MAKE ART !  It will feel fantastic to get back into my studio.  



  1. I'm so happy for this news. I know it must be such a relief for you. God is good.

  2. So happy that prayers have been answered. I know you have to be so relieved. I remember how hard it was for you last Christmas and New Year's. I pray that Charlie will stay sober and work his problem. Hugs to you! You are such a special person and friend.

  3. Good news!
    Enjoy your studio time!

  4. This is great news. Yes, I believe prayers help us all. Hang in..We'll keep the
    prayers coming..Bonnie in WI