Friday, November 8, 2013

New bewitching hour

Seems like 3:30 is my mew wake up time.  I hear the older u get the less sleep you need but this is a little ridiculous !  Maybe I should use this time to journal.

Today my partners and I are going to Hawks Cay for the Guardian Ad Litem Gala.  Good thing "gala" in the keys means a sundress and sandals for women and pants (no shorts) for men !

Its been so long I think I would be like a fish out of water if I had to actually go "gala"!!!

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  1. So is it insomnia, or are you just one of those people who doesn't need much sleep? I used to have terrible insomnia after my kids were born. I couldn't seem to fall asleep until the sun came up. Eventually, I started just getting out of bed and watching tv, and that seemed to put me to sleep. Now, when I have an occasional sleepless night, that's what I do. I guess since you're an avid reader, you must get a lot of nighttime reading done!