Monday, October 8, 2012

Lace Book Project

The theme for my lace book project is Paris. We do our first page (front and back) before sending it on. The send out date is Dec 1 but since I will be in Cuba for the month of November I have to get it done ASAP.

These is the front and back page on a muslin background.

These will be decorated with tons of lace and doodads and sewn one behind the other to create the first page.

Both pieces of fabric are of a parisian theme.

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  1. So, Elena... is your book landscape (10 x 8) rather than the typical portrait (8x10)? Looks like these are landscaped pages does each one make a double page spread... one picture across two pages? I'm so visual and having trouble visualizing how the pages work... I think I am confused still as you say this is one single page so not sure how you would sew this down the middle into the spine? I'm just not getting how this is supposed to work....hence what I should be doing.... but I will get there

    1. Yes Marita, my pages are 8x10. The pages are actually 17 x 10. Once they are completed and sewn together (around the edges) it gets folded in half and makes two 2-sided pages. Make sense? Both have paris fabric on them! Love it!

  2. PS: Your pages look wonderful and I loved your cover....Wish I was so far along!!!!!