Friday, August 24, 2012

Through The Rabbit Hole

Took a class with Ingrid Dijkers today in Manhattan. We were fortunate enough to have her teach at Keys 4 Art last year and I really love Ingrid. She is a fabulous artist and a fantastic person.

When she taught at our retreat we asked her to teach her Over the Edge class and everyone loved it but I had always wanted to learn the technique for her Through the Rabbit Hole journal. I was not disappointed.

This is only the first steps of the journal and most of the work is still to be done but I love it!!

These pictures were taken with my phone so you really cant define how great this journal is but each different colored circle is a different page - thus the concept of Through the Rabbit Hole.

I will post more pictures as I work on it so you can see the progress.

Tomorrow we have another class with a totally different journal!

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