Friday, August 24, 2012

Dinner at Carmine's

We went to eat at an Italian restaurant tonight in Manhattan called Carmine's.

The company was obviously wonderful but the food????? That was just amazing!

Spicy linguini with shrimp, calamari and crab! Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!!

Meatballs (again spicy) made with veal, pork and meat. And I dont even LIKE meatballs but these will knock your socks off!

Something called brocolli rob... Didnt like it - very bitter.

Fresh made canolli (is that how you spell it?) with pistachios. So damned good !!
Yep - gotta love this town! Yesterday thai food... Today Italian... Gotta admit I dont miss the Cuban food!
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  1. And we took home as much food as we ate! Elena's visit to NY has been just as much fun for us as for her. And besides the great company and fab food, the workshop with Ingrid Dijkers was fsntastic! Can't wait for Saturday's.