Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Tomorrow I am going to New York!!!  I have only been there for 2 days previously and am so excited about going!  The best part is that I am going to be staying with my pal Eileen and will be hanging out with Teri and Pat!!!  Just doesn't get any better than that!!  GIRL TIME!!!  Woo HOOOOOOOO!!

We will be taking two classes with Ingrid Dijkers.  I love Ingrid.  She taught at our Keys for Art Retreat last year and she was just wonderful.  She is creative and DIFFERENT which is why I enjoy her work so much.

But let's face it.... I am excited about Ingrid but so much more excited about hanging out with my friends!!  I was telling them that this is the first time in my life I take a trip by myself for pleasure.  I travel frequently but with my family; when I do travel alone its for work.

My father never let me sleep outside my home so no slumber parties for me growing up!  I was married at 17 had children by 19 and WHOOOOOFFFFF!  I'm 51!!!!

As I told the girls today, I feel like a kid going on my first slumber party!!!


  1. You know, there is an initiation for girls attending their first slumber party. It involves a fifth of Jack Daniels, a phone book and a treasure hunt. (Do they still make phone books?)

  2. Haha....I do have a phone book, but no Jack. Will vodka work? Can't wait to see you, girlfriend! Now you know how we feel when we're ready to head for the Keys.