Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gloria's Chunky ATC

I am part of a wonderful online group called KINDRED SOULS. The cigar box I did recently was for a swap in that group.
Now another first for me.... A chunky ATC. I had never done one before and always thought they were really cute. After a few false starts I actually did one I love and think Gloria, my partner, will too.
Okay, so you start with a piece of wood (a 2x4 cut into 2 1/2 inch pieces).The chunky atc has the same measurements as an atc but obviously with more dimension.

Gloria had told me she loves vintage. I had not done vintage in so long it actually was a fun idea. I first covered the block in gesso. I cover it in tissue paper and pieces of cheese cloth to create texture because I had originally thought of painting it.

After sleeping on it for a day I changed my mind and decided to use some beautiful prima paper I had.
I always buy entire sets so I had the flowers that go along with this paper and added those too.

I added a knob and charms to one side of the block.

And added flowers cascading from the top to the other side of the block.

I put it away for the night and started to think about image(s) I wanted to add. No clue. I wanted something vintage looking but wanted it to be something "different" than just an image glued on to the block. Enter Wendy and her wonderful Art Parts! Love these things! I used one of my favorite vintage images and put it on the front of the block.

I had added some gold micro beads to block - a little on both sides. After doing it though I thought it looked flat. So I added some of the teal micro-beads and got the look I wanted.

I added some teal micro beads to the side and, finally did the back using one of the ideology clocks (since the paper had a clock on it), and a pen nib. When I added the piece of ruler I realized it made a great shelf so I added the two little bottles. I put teal micro beads in one and gold micro-beads in the other and really like the way it looks.

Finally, I added two little butterflies to the flowers.

So Gloria I hope you like it!!! It was made with lots of love.


  1. I can't believe this is your first one. You're a natural!
    I'm sure Gloria will love it too.

  2. It's fabulous! I can't wait for mine! LOL

  3. OMG Elena this is just gorgeous and is your first. She is going to love it. Sending blessings.

  4. Elena, your Chunky ATC is beautiful! I am so thrilled to be a part of this group! So happy to have the chance to create art with you.

  5. You go, Elena. I love how you developed your chunky ATC over a few days--it's organic and very cool. I love the ruler shelf and tiny bottles. Congrats!

  6. Hello Elena,

    what a luscious fat ATC !
    I like the process you describe to do something , let it soak in and built on after a night : this really shows how something can evolve .
    Your fat ATC is nicely decorated on all sides, so Gloria will be able to turn it over and over and see something new each time and display a 'different' ATC every time again

    Favorite part of me is the use of the ruler as a shelf with the two bottles on !
    greetings from Belgium


  8. Holy cow is this awesome! Your partner is going to love it I'm sure!

  9. I love your use of materials on these Elena. I love loaded down chunky art! Can't wait to see what's next. Who wouldn't love it?